Breakdown Insurance and the College Student

Breakdown insurance could be one of the best gifts possible for your college student. In the fall of 2018, an estimated 19.9 college freshmen will begin study at colleges and universities. About 11.2 million will be women, 12.3 million will be under the age of 25 – and many will be under the age of 20. College is a heady environment where youngsters of all ages from all sorts of families meet, mingle, and are minimally supervised. Many of the older colleges and universities that have campus residence programs prohibit vehicles on campus for college freshman. However, there are exceptions to this regulation, such as disability, medical needs, family medical needs or employment. Furthermore, 6.7 million of these students will attend two-year colleges that do not have dormitories and will be commuting to college.

Driving for Ages 18 through 25

Although teens comprise a small part of the driving population, the risk of being in a fatal accident is increased during the first two years of driving. This means that many college students will have passed that nervous first year or two of driving, but not all of them. Some will have only had their license a short while before attending college full time. College often presents new temptations, including alcohol, drug use, and new dating partners. Even if your child is stable, well-adjusted and well-behaved at home, college presents an arena where his or her behavioral compass will be tested. Having a car makes it just that much easier to explore new events and ideas.

The Commuting Student

In 2018 many college students will live at home and commute to a community, junior or trade college. While many of them are sensible, responsible drivers even though they are not yet twenty years old, campus driving often creates exposure to other drivers, including congested parking lot situations and crowded, peak traffic driving as students arrive for class and hurry away to part-time jobs or other obligations. In addition, your college student is simply not as experienced at maintaining a vehicle as an older person might be. Lack of simple maintenance, such as forgetting to check the oil, can become the cause of mechanical failure.

Campus Vehicle Safety

Colleges and universities that do allow personal vehicles on campus recommend the following safety precautions:

  • Always lock your vehicle even if you will only be away from it for a few minutes.
  • Never leave valuables in your car or truck.
    • Remove music disks and other portable items when leaving the vehicle.
    • Do not leave your purse, wallet, or backpack in your vehicle.
  • Park in a well-lighted, high traffic area.
  • Register your vehicle with the college to receive an official parking pass.

Benefits of a Breakdown Insurance Policy

If your college student has a breakdown insurance policy, he or she can receive help for those vehicle failures. Although an insurance agent would need to approve any repairs, towing to the nearest appropriate repair facility should be part of the package. If your youngster’s college is more than 100 miles away from your hometown, you will have the comfort of knowing that in the event of mechanical failure, help will be on hand.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

For an inexperienced vehicle owner, there is something hugely comforting about having a number to call – especially in a busy intersection, with people honking at you. Furthermore, as the parent of that inexperienced driver, you know that official, responsible assistance is as close as your kid’s cell phone – to which he or she has been attached by the thumbs since elementary school.

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